Meet Catie




Catelynn Marie Brown created The Awakened Goddess in order to help people uncover their hidden power, leading them to become their ultimate selves!

Catelynn has spent years of her life diving into discovering her purpose and realizing how best to live a life that fulfilled her wildest dreams.  After unlocking what she feels are her "goddess powers", she decided to actively use what she learned to help and heal others who also sought out that same fulfillment.


The gift of the Awakened Goddess is to help people like you and me tap into our divine power, inspire positivity, and create a community of people who embrace themselves for the awesome individuals they are. Together we take the pressure off of what it means to be "spiritual", diving into Goddess-dom right from our couch in our messy bun and sweats.

By indulging in restful yoga retreats/getaways, positive reinforcement, and easy to follow wellness lifestyle coaching, you'll begin to transform yourself into an EVERYDAY GODDESS!